Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 7/27/18 (PST)

I must ask truth, and speak truth, and act with truth, now and forever.  ~Lillian Hellman

If  a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer ~ Henry David Thoreau

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – took the one less traveled by,                                                                          And that has made all the difference.  ~ Robert Frost


A total lunar eclipse, or Blood Moon, happens July 27, 2018 in Aquarius. The moon is referred to as a Blood Moon because it appears to be reddish in color, an effect of sunlight being filtered and reflected by the earth’s atmosphere.

The eclipse will be visible from parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. This eclipse is especially significant because it will last 103 minutes, the longest eclipse of the century.

Lunar eclipses tend to influence our emotions and we may find ourselves clinging to beliefs, ideas, people, and situations that provide a sense of safety or security.

A lunar eclipse is also a Full Moon. This means the Sun and Moon are in “opposition” – at the same degree in opposing signs. (The Sun will be at 4 Leo and the Moon will be at 4 Aquarius).

The opposition is about relationships, and is often experienced as a time of tension between different parts of ourselves and areas of our lives. This may show up as a growing awareness of feeling separated; an increased desire to relate to people in our lives; or flashes of insight regarding how we function in relationships.

Another layer of complexity in this eclipse is that Mars (which is currently retrograde) will conjunct the Moon.T his means that our emotional needs/responses (Moon) are fused with the part of us that fights, defends, and goes after what it wants (Mars). Emotional reactivity and increased sensitivity are to be expected.

What does it mean that this is all happening in Aquarius?

Aquarius is the sign of individuation and freedom. The eclipse may offer us opportunities to reflect on how we:

  • question authority
  • overcome the need for approval
  • take the road less travelled
  • break free from traditions & expectations
  • define our own rules
  • practice healthy detachment
  • are a catalyst for others

Aquarius wakes us up to the following themes in our lives: people-pleasing; denying own needs; codependency; superficiality; insecurity; and the need for approval.


  • Where are we challenged to fight for and defend our individuality even if it means disappointing others?
  • Where are we stuck because of the fear of loss of approval?
  • Where do we most need to practice healthy detachment?  What are the gifts if we do this?
  • Where are we not telling ourselves or others the truth, and how is this serving us?
  • What are we expecting or demanding from another that we need to do for ourself?

Moon Work

1. Lighten your schedule. Eclipses can bring unexpected situations and crisis. Create space to respond consciously and to process the illuminations that are revealed to you.

2. Ground yourself with exercise, meditation, body work, massage – anything that helps you to feel rooted in your body.

3. The Full Moon brings things to light. Pay attention to what is revealed to you during this time.

4. Relationships are highlighted. Whether you are in a conflict with another or attracted to another, the relationship is a mirror. What is it that you are seeing in the other that you need to look at within yourself? The full moon is an invitation to develop perspective and awareness.

5. Emotions, tensions, ideas – everything is heightened at the Full Moon. Do your best to step back, practice objectivity, and see what the other has to teach you.

What areas of life will the eclipse impact?  The houses of your birth chart with Leo and Aquarius on the cusp, as well that contains Mars.


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