Soulfilled Sisterhood Podcast Interview

I recently had the pleasure of discussing evolutionary astrology and self-knowledge with Nicole Burgess on her podcast Soulfilled Sisterhood.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Lourdes explains Astrology- there are different types
  • Astrology is a tool-what the possibilities are for you, self-knowledge
  • It “can give you a lot of helpful suggestions”
  • Three ways it can be helpful
  • Your chart has cycles-assist in helping you live what is most in alignment with your soul
  • Lourdes shares how she came upon Astrology and its impact on her life and path
  • Her love for Jungian psychology, symbolism and that blended well with Astrology
  • She has come full circle again Jupiter in Scorpio
  • “Astrology doesn’t take away the challenges but gives you the tools for understanding and being in them”
  • Nicole shares her experience of Lourdes reading her ideal client chart
  • Lourdes gives an example of how Astrology can assist with self-acceptance of all parts of self
  • The framework she works with is Evolutionary from Steven Forrest
  • She also brings in the practical when reading charts for people
  • Secondary layer to the chart-north node and south node-and your evolutionary purpose
  • Past lives or themes
  • North Node is the evolutionary cutting edge of your soul
  • South Node is where you get stuck or what drains you

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