New Moon in Libra 9/28/19

From now until the first quarter moon is is the best time to initiate and start new things. New moon ideas often reveal themselves intuitively and spontaneously. Pay attention to intuitive flashes or hunches but don’t necessarily trust them blindly. Be mindful of the seeds you are planting. Don’t plant any seeds that you don’t want to grow.

With both the Sun and Moon in Libra, the focus is on our relationships (intimate, work, friendships, etc).
The following suggestions are especially meaningful when looking at your interactions and relationships with others. The more emotionally charged the relationship, the more it can potentially teach you. Look at the gifts in conflicts and differences and see them as opportunities to grow and evolve.
**Strategies for working with the New Moon in Libra**
-Recognizing that all stories have at least 2 perspectives.
-Not assuming that everyone is like me or expecting others to do things or perceive things the way I do.
-Discovering what is unique and unexpected about the other.
-To find value in what is different.
-To be open to what the other has to teach us.
-To consider how we are the same instead of how we are different.
-Finding inner peace and harmony in what is, instead of what could be.
-To look for inner beauty in myself and others.
-To not settle for appearances in all its forms: in others, in myself, in my relationships, my work, my communications.
-To seek depth vs superficiality.
-To be who I am while in relationship to others.
-To seek common ground with others.
-To tolerate paradox and ambiguity.
-To bring sensitivity, empathy, diplomacy, and grace to my relationships, perspectives, experiences, and communications.

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