Mercury Retrograde in Leo 7/25-8/18 (PST)

Mercury Retrograde, Mars Retrograde, AND

a Total Lunar Eclipse, Oh My!!!

Mercury is associated with communication and the conscious mind. It represents our urge to learn; to establish connections with others; and to express our perceptions, ideas, and mental abilities;

With the retrograde happening in Leo, there is a focus on the themes of self-expression, individuality, the father, confidence, children, our urge for recognition, performance, and drama.

And it’s about to get more interesting.

Remember: Mars has been retrograde since 6/26. And a total lunar eclipse will be joining the party on 7/27-7/28, shortly after Mercury goes retrograde.

What does it this all mean?

The short answer: Expect heightened sensitivity, emotionality, crisis, releasing & endings (lunar eclipse); misunderstandings (Mercury) and conflicts (Mars).

What to do?

Work WITH the energies. Rowing upstream is futile. Integrate a healthy expression of the energies. Practice compassion and loving kindness towards yourself and others. We are all in this together, experiencing these energies in our lives.

For now, here are some questions & guidelines for Mercury Retrograde. These are also useful for the Lunar Eclipse as the eclipse turns the volume way up, amplifying emotions and sensitivity.

Questions for reflection:

Are my communications (Mercury) a reflection of who I really am I(Leo)?

What I am teaching (Mercury) my children (Leo)? What can I learn (Mercury) from my children (Leo)?

What ideas (Mercury) from my father or external authorities (Leo) have I accepted as my true for me (Leo)?

How am I not recognizing (Leo) my authentic nature (Leo)?

What must I communicate (Mercury), and risk loss of approval (Leo) if I am to honor my individuality (Leo)?

How do I hide my light (Leo) because of a lack of confidence (Leo)?

What creative (Leo) self-expression (Mercury) am I meant to share with others (Mercury)?

Am I being a drama king/queen (Leo) in my interactions (Mercury)?

Do I use dramatic (Leo) communications (Mercury) to inspire (Leo) & motivate (Leo)? Or to elicit applause (Leo) and approval (Leo) due to my insecurities (Leo)?

How can I vitalize (Leo) others with my words (Mercury)?

Have I lost my authentic voice (Mercury) through playing to an audience (Leo)?

How can I spotlight (Leo) the star quality (Leo) of others (Leo)?

Am I being who I truly am (Leo) or am I performing (Leo) a role?

General guidelines for Mercury Retrograde.

  • Lighten your schedule. Slow down and go within.
  • Listen more than you speak.
  • Do anything that begins with “re.” Revisit, review, retreat, rethink, reflect, reconsider, rewrite, reconnect, repair, return, restore, renew.
  • Triple-check before you hit send on texts and emails.
  • Be mindful of jumping to conclusions as things are often misunderstood or misinterpreted during Mercury Retrograde. Get clarification. Practice the pause.
  • This is a good time to continue on-going projects but not the best time to initiate anything new.
  • Allow extra time for travel. Expect delays.
  • Delay signing contracts until after the retrograde. If you absolutely must sign, triple check everything. Ideally, these are contracts that have been in the works for some time and are not being initiated now.
  • Expect indecisiveness and people changing their minds.
  • Mercury rules computers and transportation – expect repairs or problems. This is not the best time to buy electronics or vehicles. Make sure important files and data are backed up and secure.

What areas of life will Mercury Retrograde influence? Look for the house with Leo on the cusp and the house containing Mercury. Planets in these houses, aspects between planets, & other natal factors will determine more precisely how these energies will manifest.



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