June 26 Mars Retrograde

Along with the Full Moon in Capricorn this week, Mars retrograde is adding its energy to the mix.

On Tuesday, June 26, Mars will go retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius and will remain retrograde until August 28 at 28 degrees of Capricorn.

Mars Retrograde happens every 2 years and is a good time to reflect upon:

Your desire nature
How you go after what you want
How you deal with anger and conflict
How you protect/defend yourself/others
Your impulses and passions

With Mars’ energy moving inward, as a collective, we may feel more amped up; more pressurized; and more easily triggered. A lot will be simmering beneath the surface, with expressions of anger in the form of fear, sadness; anxiety; passive aggressiveness; rage; aggression; projections; polarization; resentment; and more.

We may experience hesitancy; delays; obstacles; a general slowing down in our efforts to make progress; and a sense of having to fight for /defend/ or protect what we value and desire.

During this retrograde it benefits us all to practice kindness, compassion, mindfulness, and intentionality towards ourselves and others. If we are experiencing conflict “out there” in the world, how is this mirroring a conflict within ourselves?

For example, a friend shared with me that she was feeling rejected by a certain individual, and that she was upset with this person’s inconsistency. After more dialogue, she determined that what was helpful for her was exploring these questions: How am I rejecting myself? How am I being inconsistent with what I desire in a relationship?

Mars retrograde spotlights the following areas:

  • The structures in your life; setting boundaries; growing up; self-sufficiency; responsibility; hard work; commitment; self-discipline; integrity; where/how you experience struggle, caution, limitation, fear; rigidity vs flexibility and openness; solitude; your relationship to external authority, personal authority, and your literal father (Capricorn).
  • The need for approval/permission; telling/living your truth; not taking things personally; social/humanitarian issues of justice; thinking for yourself; defining your own values/rules; where/how you are different and unique from the collective; where/how you are called to break free from/shatter/disrupt/innovate societal, tribal, and familial norms and expectations (Aquarius).

Questions to reflect upon:
1. Where in your life do you need to develop courage and assertiveness? When you are able to be courageous and assertive, what possibilities await you?

  1. What is fear protecting you from?
  2. If you are angry, what is the sadness that lies beneath? If you are sad, what is the anger that lies beneath?
  3. Where/how are you seeking to control or manipulate through people pleasing and avoiding conflict?
  4. What is worth fighting for? What battles should you walk away from?

***What area of your life will Mars’ energies show up? In whatever houses have Capricorn and Aquarius on the cusp, as well as the house where your natal Mars is located. Planets in this house; aspects between planets; along with other factors – will determine how these energies will manifest. I recommend www.astro.com for free natal charts.



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