June 13 – New Moon in Gemini

On Wednesday, June 13 we will experience a New Moon in Gemini.

This is an excellent time to plant seeds for whatever it is you wish to cultivate and grow. Consciously or unconsciously, at the new moon and for a few days after, we tend to start things. Use the potent energy of the Moon as it gains light to take action and move things forward.

  1. This is the best time to set intentions for the new lunar cycle.
    2. From now until the 1st quarter moon is the best time to start new things.
    3. Ideas often reveal themselves intuitively and spontaneously.
    4. Pay attention to intuitive flashes or hunches but don’t necessarily trust them blindly.

The Moon in Gemini shines a light on the following:
1. Communication, understanding, perception; learning
2. Seeing patterns; asking questions; making links
3. Engaging and connecting with people
4. Openness to ideas, possibilities and options
5. You may notice increased activity and nervous or frenetic energy around phone calls, emails, errands, interactions, communication, etc.

Look to the house in your birth chart where you find Gemini on the cusp, as well as the house where Mercury lies. These are the areas of life where the New Moon’s energies will focus. (For a free natal chart I recommend astro.com)

1st house: An ideal time to review and make changes in how you express yourself and engage with people. Is the way people see you the way you want them to see you? Are their perceptions of you accurate? What can you learn from the way you initiate or start things?

2nd house: Identify the patterns in your relationship with money. How do these same patterns show up in other areas of your life? Learn how to budget. Take a personal finance class. Reflect upon and journal about your inner talents and resources.

3rd house: Connect with siblings. Engage with those in your community. What can your siblings and/or your community teach you? This an excellent time to begin anew in regards to communication. Be open to new ways of learning. Work on the book you’ve always wanted to write. Start a blog.

4th house: Get curious about your motivations, needs and fears. Use dream work, the enneagram, therapy, journaling – whatever tools will help to deepen your self-knowledge. Learn about your family-of-origin and ancestry. How and where do you feel “at home?” Or a sense of safety and belonging?

5th house: Write a love note. Tell jokes. Read for fun. Give a loved one the gift of being deeply listened to. Journal about what brings you joy. Express yourself creatively through art, music, journaling. Explore how to bring more play and pleasure into your life. Where do you need to take risks? To gamble?

6th house: What changes in how you communicate and perceive would be helpful and healing for you in regards to your work, health, and habits? What can you do differently to feel less stressed? What do you need to learn in regards to being more practical and efficient in your daily routines? How can your communications and perceptions be of service to others?

7th house: What can you learn from your natural partners (intimate partners, deep friendships, significant others)? What do these soul friends help you see, that you are unable to see on your own? A wonderful time to engage in conversations that expand awareness and deepen understanding.

8th house: Have the difficult conversations about what is taboo, hidden, or off-limits. For example: the occult, sex, endings, death and money. Be open to releasing what has ended. Reflect on what you would do differently if you had 6 months to live. What have the losses in your life taught you?

9th house: Allow what is foreign, exotic, and different to be your teacher; to break up rigid ways of thinking and perceiving. Where in your life would perspective, or “looking at the big picture,” be helpful? What lessons are you learning through living? What is the role of intuition in your perceptions and understanding of others?

10th house: Reflect on your natural gift to your community or the world. Write your mission statement or “cosmic job description.” Ask trusted others to tell you how the world sees you – what you’re known for. What can these perspectives teach you? If your vocation or career is not where you want it to be, be open to ideas, and options that can support you in achieving your desires.

11th house: Connect with your tribe, with those who will enhance and support you in realizing your hopes and dreams. Tell them about your goals and progress, then listen with an open heart to their insights. If you don’t have a tribe, explore groups and organizations that can support you in achieving your goals. Connect with friends. Be curious and interested as they share about their lives and experiences. Ask questions. Listen without judgement.

12th house: Start a dream journal. Learn to meditate. Reflect upon and journal on the following: How are you deceptive in your communications to yourself and others? What conversations do you avoid and why? How do you imprison or sabotage yourself with your thoughts, perceptions, and words?


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