July 12 New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer on July 12 is also a partial solar eclipse.

The lunar-solar energies spotlight:  what we are protective of/attached to; how/where we feel at home; emotional security; our capacity to mother/nurture ourselves and others; creative projects we give birth to; where we are challenged to cut the umbilical cord of familial or toxic dependency; the past; our roots; where we may have encountered emotional abandonment/wounding; our need to understand or heal from our relationship with our mother; our inner child.


Eclipse themes:

  1. Parts of ourselves we have hidden, ignored, or repressed demand our attention. We may experience this within ourselves, through experiences, or in interactions with others.
  2. Endings & beginnings: situations/people/behaviors/ways of thinking/being may exit our lives to liberate or wake us up.
  3. Lack of clarity as our awareness may be clouded or incomplete.
  4. Flashes of insight, unexpected opportunities

Tips for navigating:

  1. Work with the eclipse energy by “cleaning house.” Release attachments that no longer serve you.
  2. Solar eclipses tend to affect our energy levels, so ensure you are well-rested and not over-scheduled.
  3. Solar eclipses often coincide with crisis and unexpected situations. Create a literal & metaphorical space for responding to whatever the solar-lunar energies illuminate.
  4. Practice compassion and loving kindness towards yourself and others. Collectively, we are all experiencing the solar and lunar energies to some degree.

The New Moon phase is an ideal time for beginnings and starting new things. However with the Solar Eclipse and Mars Retrograde energies added to the mix, I recommend planting seeds that have more to do with inner processes instead of external projects or goals. Some ideas:

  1. Grieving the wounding of our early years
  2. Determining how to healthily meet our own security needs
  3. Reflecting on what our needy, helpless, and codependent behaviors are really about and changing them
  4. Re-parenting and nurturing our inner child
  5. Loving without manipulation, guilt trips, game-playing, power plays, and possessiveness.

Generally, an eclipse can be felt in the month preceding it and for 6 months to a year afterwards, depending on the type of eclipse and how it is activating your birth chart.

If the New Moon and Eclipse closely aspect planets in your birth chart, these planets and areas of life (houses) will be activated with solar-lunar energy.

Those with personal planets in Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, and Aries may feel this lunation more intensely. Additionally, if you were born during a New or Full Moon; or have your Moon positioned on the angles of your chart you may be more tuned into the lunar cycle than most people and able to sense the lunar energies and processes on a inner level.





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