August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo on August 11 (8:00 pm PST) is also a solar eclipse.  During an eclipse, there is a blockage of the light transmitted by the Sun or the Moon to earth.

The image of a "blockage of light" is a good metaphor for understanding eclipse energy.  Since there is less light and a disruption to the light energy between the Sun or Moon and earth, our awareness and consciousness are somehow interrupted.  We are less able to see or access parts of ourselves. We don’t have the whole picture. There’s a disconnect where there is usually an unhindered flow of energy.

Eclipse themes:

  • Parts of ourselves we have hidden, ignored, or repressed demand our attention. We may experience this within ourselves, or through experiences or interactions that reflect it back to us.
  • Endings (Eclipse) & Beginnings (New Moon): situations/people/behaviors/ways of thinking may exit our lives to liberate or wake us up.
  • Lack of clarity as our awareness may be clouded or incomplete.
  • Flashes of insight, unexpected opportunities

This lunation highlights themes associated with Leo: creativity, self-expression, identity, father, confidence, courage, children, personal authority. Leo archetypes include the Performer, Star, King/Queen/Ruler, Golden/Playful Child, Hero, Heart of Gold, Shining Light.


Who are you apart from the expectations of familial, cultural, societal, and patriarchal influences?

How do you shine and stand apart from the crowd?

Where in your life are you challenged to express yourself authentically, even at the risk of loss of approval?

In what areas of life do you need to experience more fun, play, spontaneity, joy, comfort, and trust? What attitudes, beliefs, situations, or people do you need to release in order for this to happen?

Who are the people in your life who encourage and help you to shine, and are not threatened or envious of your light?

Where are you performing a role, seduced by your approving audience? What is the cost of taking on a role that others want you to play but is not an expression of your individuality?

How can you be the screenwriter, director and star of your own movie?

Tips for navigating the New Moon & Eclipse energies:

  • Work with the eclipse energy by “cleaning house."  Release what no longer serves you.
  • Solar eclipses tend to affect our energy levels, so ensure you are well-rested and not over-scheduled.
  • Solar eclipses often coincide with crisis and unexpected situations. Create a literal & metaphorical space for responding to whatever the solar-lunar energies illuminate.

An eclipse can be felt in the month preceding it and for 6 months to a year afterwards, depending on the type of eclipse and how it is activating your birth chart.

If the New Moon and Eclipse closely aspect planets in your birth chart, these planets and areas of life will be activated with solar-lunar energy.

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