4/4/19 Pluto conjunct the South Node/New Moon in Aries

From today till about April 9, a double whammy of potent and dynamic energies are available for releasing what no longer serves you, and planting seeds for whatever you want to grow.

On 4/4, Pluto is conjunct the South Node in Capricorn. Collectively, we are reminded of the structures in our lives that have become stagnant and devitalizing; the areas of our lives where we are controlling; where we have become accustomed to struggle; where fear shapes and limits our self-expression; and where we are too cautious and hesitant.

The North Node in Cancer offers the healing for our depleted souls: love, gentleness, nurturing, self-acceptance, and self-compassion – and of course, extending these to others as well.

Today, reflect upon and visualize the release of what no longer sustains you. LET IT GO.

You many notice areas of your life where something is slipping away despite your efforts to hold on. LET IT GO.

From my experience, I can say that the tighter you hold on, the harder it will be. If you don’t let go, Pluto will “help” you. Like a limb with gangrene, Pluto will amputate whatever is dead and decaying because this is in your best interest.

To see what areas of your life you will feel these energies, look for the house with Capricorn and Cancer on the cusp and the house that contains your natal Pluto.

From today till April 9, we are in the New Moon phase. This is not just any ordinary new moon because it is a New Moon in Aries AND the Sun is in Aries. Aries is the beginning of the zodiacal cycle.

The Sun will take approximately the next 12 months transiting through the astrological wheel. While most new moons are about setting intentions for the month, this one is about setting intentions for the next year and beyond.

This is the time to risk; to initiate; to follow your own counsel and your own path; to trust your intuition; to be daring; to put yourself first; to go after what you want; to claim what is yours.

Wherever Aries is in our charts, we find the battlefields of our lives. We experience crisis, challenges, and conflicts. Here we find ourselves face-to-face with our deepest fears.

And why is this part of our lives so scary? Because the developmental aim for Aries is courage.

And how do we develop courage? By facing and doing what scares us. (Doing is key w/ Aries. It’s a sign that takes action).

So if you want to optimize the energies of this New Moon, set intentions that challenge you; that scare you; that require you to be direct and assertive – and yes, to even *fight for what you want.

*Aries also teaches us about the appropriate use of force and expression of anger.

To see what areas of your life you will feel these energies, look for the house with Aries on the cusp and the house that contains your natal Mars.

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