“Why an in-depth astrological reading? Because there’s so much MORE beneath the surface of YOU and it’s right at your fingertips, but you need to understand the map! And there’s no better navigator to join you in that exploration than Dr. Lourdes Viado!

Like most, I had grown up hearing that astrology is about as useful as a fortune cookie or a one-size-fits-most forecast based solely on your sun sign. Hearing Lourdes, however, describe profound nuances that could never be true about everyone all at the same time peaked my interest.

I was BLOWN AWAY by what she described based on my natal chart. It was like she had a spotlight on every joy and every difficulty I had ever encountered! And as if that wasn’t healing enough already, because she is also a depth psychologist, trained in developing action plans that feel authentic and congruent to each one doing the exploring, I left our session reconnected and reignited to my soul purpose.

Tamara Powell, LMHC

My curious mind led me to sign up for a natal chart reading with Lourdes Viado. I was wholly unprepared for the level of accuracy mirrored back to me! This ancient wisdom is powerful and Lourdes is a gifted astrologer. I am excited to learn more about how to weave this newfound awareness into my life to help me manifest my life’s purpose.

Kirsten Goffena, LPC, RPT, EMDR

Thank you so much for holding space for me, my tears, laughter, and questions during the reading! I found it so, so helpful and insightful and it helped me make so much more sense of what has happened in the past months (and years) as well as feeling more empowered about what’s to come. It all feels more grounded to me rather than just guesses thrown up to a rainy sky. I was a little nervous to start, but I found your professional background in Jungian psychology to be quite the asset in lending understanding as well as helping me feel comfortable and open during the reading. Again, thank you so much for your sharing your gift with me.

Dr. Elizabeth Bonet

“I’m not new to having natal readings, and I can confidently say that Lourdes’ reading was one of the best and comprehensive I’ve experienced. Her understanding of astrology and depth psychology combined with her calm, soothing demeanor make working with her a pleasure. She was able to connect elements of my chart in ways that made finally made sense (but hadn’t in previous readings) and gave me clarity. An all-around treat!”

Erika Martinez, Psy.D

Lourdes Viado is not only a depth psychologist, she is a depth astrologer! Her understanding, knowledge, and explanation in my “Ideal Client” reading blew me away. I’ve never had a reading in astrology and it felt not only validating to me but it also guided me in who I work best with and who I do not. Her passion, wisdom, and depth in this work have me returning for a full natal reading. Lourdes is THE astrologer I will work with going forward.”

Nicole Burgess, LMFT & Introvert Empowerment Coach for Women

Lourdes’ natal chart reading was incredible. Not only did she point out patterns and dynamics in my life that I was well aware of but, she helped connect the dots on so many other things I’d been struggling to understand. She affirmed that the path I’ve recently embarked upon on a whim with a “why not?” attitude is exactly the path which I’m astrologically inclined. Lourdes’ is a gifted astrologer and I highly recommend getting a reading from her.

Dr. Allison Quadhamer

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Hello and welcome to Reflecting Sky! 

I’m excited to share with you some of the most helpful tools and approaches that I’ve discovered in my own experience and in the experiences of my clients – for coping with difficult situations and emotional pain; and for creating a more purposeful and meaningful life.

These tools have deepened my understanding and compassion about the human spirit, human nature, and consciousness.  They include astrology, dream work, shadow work, and depth psychology.

These are shared within the context of my training in marriage and family therapy and depth psychology; and over 15 years of helping individuals navigate the challenging and painful aspects of human experience.

Again, thanks so much for stopping by. This website is a work in progress – so please check back for helpful and inspiring content!

Lourdes Viado

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